François Richomme
Composer / Sound Designer





The very essence of most of my compositions is writing the movements of sounds to create a choreographed musical space. This requires sending multichannel audio to many speakers. Now if a painting about colors is printed in black and white, the main artistic component literally vanishes.

Live performances are the only way to experience my spatial compositions, them being played on the specific sound system for which they were originally created. Thus, I mostly present on this website the tiny part of my work which was initially intended for a stereo system such as the video trailers below, a glimpse of my artistic world...

"MitiMiti" - Atamira Dance Company

"Threshold" - Rosy Simas

"Hara-Kiri" - Didier Théron

"Tempi" - Arts Immédiats

"No One's Land" - Yann Lheureux