François Richomme

Composer / Sound Designer


François Richomme

Recent and present activity


François Richomme started the practice of music and sound techniques in his early childhood and turned professional at age 17. At first musician and sound engineer (concerts, studio & outdoor recordings), he gradually shifted his focus to composition and sound design as he was studying dance, somatics and psychotherapy during the 90’s. Since the early '2000s, his main activity is the composition of music scores for choreographic works, travelling the five continents, creating and performing with artists from various cultures with the support of art institutions. Also enthusiast in the teaching field, he organizes music courses/workshops since 1995 (Musiques Festives) for children-adults, and teaches music technology, somatics, dancer's musical training (University of California Riverside, Chicago Columbia College, University of Saint Paul, Northwestern University, MANCC Tallahassee, CCN Montpellier, CND Paris, KNUA Seoul, ...)

Selected venues (1985 - 2023)

The Ordway (Saint Paul - USA) - Alabama Dance Festival (Birmingham - USA) - Chicago Cultural Center (Chicago - USA) - American Realness (New York City - USA) - SESC (Porto Alegre - Brasil) - CenaCumplicidades (Recife - Brasil) - Bienal de Danca do Ceara (Fortaleza - Brasil) - ODC Theater (San Francisco, USA) - Q Theatre (Auckland, New Zealand) - Dance Place (Washington D.C, USA) - Maui Arts & Cultural Center (Hawaii, USA) - Autry National Center (Los Angeles, USA) - Columbia Theatre (Chicago, USA) - Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (Santa Fe, USA) - Judson Church (New York City, USA) - Culver Center for the Arts (Riverside, USA) - Intermedia Arts (Minneapolis, USA) - MAI Montréal Arts Inter-culturel (Montréal, Québec) - Talking Stick Festival (Vancouver, Canada) - Gekken Theatre (Kyoto, Japan) - His Majesty’s Theatre (Perth, Australia) - Düsseldorf Tanzmesse (Düsseldorf, Germany) - Stern Grove (San Francisco, USA) - Festival International de Video i Arts Digitals de Girona (Girona, Spain) - New Territory Festival (Glasgow, Scotland) - Festival of Visual Arts of Casablanca (Casablanca, Morocco) - Busan Dance Festival (Busan, South Korea) - Festival Montpellier Danse (Montpellier, France) - Montreux Jazz Festival (Montreux, Switzerland)...

Music for choreographic works (abridged)

Rosy Simas (Threshold, We Wait In The Darkness, Transfuse, Skins, Weave, Yödoishëndahgwa’geh) - Fabrice Ramalingom (NOS) - Atamira Dance Company (Mitimiti) - Didier Théron & Michèle Murray (Hara-Kiri, Shanghaï Boléro, Résurrection) - Yann Lheureux (Voisins-Voisines, No One's Land, Manifestement, Reach Our Soul, Macadam Instinct) - Fadhel Jaïbi (Fragments Intimes) - Christian Zagaria & Khalid Benghrib (Tempi) - Marc Vincent (Disparition, L'homme absent mais tout entier dans l'espace) - Emmanuel Grivet (Nourish, Time is Over, De bouts de corps en corps debout)... Also performances as a dancer with Mathilde Monnier (Sursaut) et Anna Halprin (Spirit of Place).


Self taught musician and sound engineer, Richomme studied contemporary dance, Body-mind Centering, Feldenkrais, F.M. Alexander technique, Release technique, Aïkido, Yoga/Pranayama, Esalen Massage, Zero Balancing, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Deep Tissue Bodywork, Therapeutic Accompaniment in USA, France and India with Anna Halprin, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Fanny Abadi, Sri O.P. Tiwari, Fritz Smith among others.