François Richomme

Composer / Sound Designer


About these excerpts

One of the most important and reccuring element of my compositions is the writing of movements of sounds to create a choreographed musical space. This requires sending multichannel audio to many speakers. This is why any attempt to present my work on the internet hardly makes much sense.

Live performances are the only way to experience my spatial compositions, them being played on the specific sound system for which they were originally created. Thus, I present on my website only a few video trailers which doesn't suffer much from being reduced to stereo since their only intent is to broadly present the work. A glimpse of my artistic world and of my inspiring collaborators creations.

"Threshold" - Rosy Simas Danse

  • Choreography: Rosy Simas
  • Dancers: Lindsay Anderson, Erin Drummond, Denise Gagner, Jesse Neuman-Peterson, Sharon Picasso, Rosy Simas
  • Music: François Richomme
  • Filming: Douglas Beasley
  • Editor: Mary Ahmann

"MitiMiti" - Atamira Dance Company

  • Choreography: Jack Gray
  • Dancers/Kaikaninai: Te Arahi Easton, Matiu Hamuera, Bianca Hyslop, Gabrielle Thomas, Nancy Wijohn, Jasmin Canuel
  • Video design: Lisa Reihana
  • Lighting design: Vanda Karolczak
  • Set design: John Verryt
  • Costume design: Ruth Woodbury, Rosanna Raymond
  • Music: François Richomme
  • Filming and editing: Matt Gilanders

"HaraKiri" - Compagnie Didier Théron

  • Choreography: Didier Théron
  • Assistant Choreographer: Michèle Murray
  • Dancers (Australia): Sue Peacock, Claudia Alessi, Aimee Smith, Sete Tele, Michael Whaites, Matthew Morris
  • Dancers (France): Lorenzo Dallaï, Karl Paquemar, Alissa Shiraishi, Patrice Usseglio, Eva Vandest, Lise Vermot
  • Lighting Design: Donald Becker
  • Music: François Richomme
  • Filming and Editing: Strut Dance

"NOS" - R.A.M.a

  • Choreography: Fabrice Ramalingom
  • Assistant choreographer: Matthieu Doze
  • Dancers: Renann Fontoura, Eduardo "Willow" Hermanson, Tito Lacerda
  • Lighting design: Maryse Gautier
  • Music: François Richomme (variations on BWV 639)

"Tempi" - Arts Immédiats

  • Dancer: Marie-Ange Amiand
  • Live digital scenography: Christian Zagaria
  • Music: François Richomme
  • Filming and editing: Philippe Vu

"No One's Land" - Compagnie Yann Lheureux

  • Choreography: Yann Lheureux
  • Dancers: Karina Pantaléo, Charles-Joël Essombe, Florent Hamon, Claire Vuillemin, Sonia Rodriguez
  • Set design: Emmanuelle Debeuscher
  • Lighting design: Yvan Labasse
  • Live video: Lionel Palun
  • Live digital scenography: Christian Zagaria
  • Music: François Richomme
  • Filming and editing: Claudio Cavallari